The Basics to a Better Grip

by Gia Bocra

Hi, I’m Gia, and I am thrilled to be jumping onto the pages of “The Girl Meets Golf Blog” as a Guest Blogger!

My hope is to be able to provide sound instruction, fun tips, and inspiration to all of you girls, parents, and coaches who love the game of golf.

Fundamentals in the game are key, and I thought we could begin with a video on how to grip the club correctly.

Numerous things in the golf swing influence the club face, but the way you hold the club directly affects it. A correct grip is super important and will make it easier to create a higher and more desirable ball flight:

Basics to a Better Grip:

  1. Grip the club in your fingers! Try keeping the grip out of your palm… it shouldn’t feel like you’re holding a baseball bat. By placing the grip in your fingers, the club will set more correctly (club will get light) on the backswing, and it will allow you to release the club better through the ball.
  2. Make sure your thumbs are on opposite sides of the grip and not down the middle. By placing your thumbs down the middle of your grip, you are starting your swing off with an incorrect club face.
  3. Keep your grip pressure firm but relaxed! Having the club in your fingers will make it much easier to keep your hands, wrists and arms a bit more relaxed throughout your entire swing.

If you are interested in a certain topic, would like to learn how to hit special type of shot, or are looking for a tip on something specific, we’d love to hear from you!

Please Comment: “Hey Gia” on the LPGA Girls Golf Facebook page at or hit me up on twitter @LPGAGirlsGolf & @giabocra.

Can’t wait to hear from you!

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