The Girls Golf Movement Sets Sail to South Korea

Just three years ago, a handful of LPGA Teaching and Club Professional members began the work of organizing an LPGA*UGSA Girls Golf site in their home country of South Korea. While women’s golf has been very popular in South Korea, there could be something more for family golf aspect that can be improved in Korea and  LPGA Girls Golf has been the key leader in this niche market.

In the beginning, most of kids’ parents had concerns that LPGA Girls Golf Program is not “serious” enough for their kids to improve their game of golf. However, they realized that the Girls Golf program (run by LPGA Teaching Professionals) is not only about teaching kids how to play golf, but also, teaches important life values such as confidence, honesty, and engagement and more. And better relationship between parents and kids also led their kids to perform better.

The more fun they have, the better they performed. “Now, we have LPGA Girls Golf “Fans” who are planning on driving long hours to participate in Girls Golf Clinic at HanaBank Championship this year.” says Girls Golf of Korea Site Director Brianna Seo. Since the program began in 2012 it has not only grown, but has flourished in support and popularity amongst parents and golf professionals.

Perhaps the changing mindset of junior golf parents in South Korea is the sign of a shift which could very well expand to even more countries over time!


Korean Girls Golf instructors have fully embraced the LPGA*USGA Girls Golf philosophy of infusing fun with golf education, making learning visual, engaging and providing creatve challenges for juniors to learn and grow.



Girls Golf participants learn putting fundamentals before heading outside for instruction with their LPGA teachers


What’s been one of the biggest treats for coaches since starting Girls Golf of Korea? Watching the amazing camaraderie between the girls (and boys!) in the program.



What do you think about the adoption of the Girl Golf philosophy and growth of Korea’s Girls Golf program? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below!

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