Course Reporters: 2016 Founders Cup – Tuesday

Tuesday, March 15, 2016
by Katie Stinchcomb

The 2016 LPGA JTBC Founders Cup is HERE!!! I have to say, the first day being BACK on the job has been a great one! Tuesday, March 15th started with the AXA Press Conference where we got to hear some advice from the creators of Vision 54, Lynn and Pia Nelson. They gave a ton of useful skills that are meant to help us with the mental and emotional side of golf. We even got the chance to experience it live in person by them coming over to watch a few swings and give us pointers on how we should handle the good and bad shots. Also during this conference, Britney Lincicome made an appearance and talked to us for a bit.

How cool is that?!?

JCR - 2016 - Pairings Party with ParksThe night ended with a fun night at the Pairings Party, Hollywood theme, where we got to see many LPGA golfers. The food was super yummy too! One of the main players that we got to see was, Sedena Parks. She was sweet enough to take a few pictures with us in front of the green screen. Overall, this was a great afternoon at the JTBC Founders Cup and I am looking forward to a wonderful week.

Katie Stinchcomb
2016 Girls Golf Acer Course Reporter

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