Course Reporters: 2016 Founders Cup – Friday

Friday, March 18, 2016
Round 2 LPGA JTBC Founders Cup

It’s Friday!!! Today wasn’t really a jammed packed day for me, so I enjoyed going on the range and taking pictures of the pros practicing. I also sat at the Girls Golf booth with my Mom and Miss Christina, and a couple of the other ladies and watched all the little girls come up to the table and get really excited about the game of golf! I met a lot of Canadians!!! I am a Canadian (as well as American) so it was fun to chat with them. The booth is a great way to market Girls Golf and chat with lots of event attendees.
I also had a private tour of the Trailer where they repair any clubs that are broken. Paul the fitting and club guru was very nice, that was a fun experience.

I wanted to get some footage of the Pros warming up and practicing so I went to the practice putting green… When I tried to go inside the fences, the big Security Guard stopped me and said, “Excuse me, young lady, but you cannot be here,” and I just flashed my badge (super cool badge) and then he was like, “Oh, Ok, I’m so sorry, young lady, go ahead. Your credentials are better than mine”! HA!!!!! That is so fun—Thanks Founders Cup team for my cool badge!! I feel so important!

It really is a blast and I am so thankful. I am excited about Saturday and Sunday. I have my interview microphone ready, and I’m gonna interview some golf stars! Signing off for now! Talk to you later!

Kalysta Kuebler
2016 Junior Course Reporter


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