Course Reporters: 2016 Founders Cup – Saturday

Saturday, March 19, 2016
Round 3 JTBC Founders Cup

What a fun-packed day at the JTBC Founders Cup!!! The day started with getting interviewed by Golf Channel on the practice range. I have to say, I was very nervous but they all told me I did great and gave good answers. It felt so cool to be the one being interviewed rather than the other way around. After this, Kalysta and I went around the range and putting green getting interviews from a few of the pros. This was such a blast and I really felt like I was a part of the Golf Channel crew (which is my DREAM)!!!

Next, Kalysta and I followed the leading group while walking inside the ropes!! It was really exciting to do this because Sei Young Kim, who was the 36 hole leader was who I played with in the Pro-Am. This was an amazing experience and she even remembered me which made me feel very special!!

2The final thing that a couple other girls and I got the opportunity to do was walking with the hall of fame group. Each of these ladies were sponsoring a chapter in Girls Golf and if they were to win, the money would be donated to that chapter. Of course that means that I’m going to be rooting for Betsy King because she is supporting Girls Golf of Phoenix!!! It was very surprising how well they hit considering their age—true athletes. They were also SUPER sweet and made play really laid back. For the last hole, their caddies let us put on their bibs and carry the bags. I was expecting the bag to weigh a little bit more but it was still really heavy! I can’t imagine holding it for 18 holes. The Hall of Fame Shootout was one of my favorite things we got to do this week!!!

Katie Stinchcomb
2016 Junior Course Reporter


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