Course Reporters: 2016 Founders Cup – Sunday, Part 1

Sunday, March 20, 2016
Final Round JTBC Founders Cup

Kalysta here! EEEKKK! It’s the last day at the LPGA JTBC Founders Cup Scottsdale, Arizona. I met up with Katie in the morning and we got our special Caramel Frappuccino blended coffee to start our day—Makes us feel official! Then we headed over to the first tee to help greet and start groups. It is Green & Tee girl day at the event. We were able to meet with a lot of players, snap pictures and autographs as they teed off on their first hole of the day but most importantly, we got to say “thank you for supporting Girls Golf!”

After being at the first tee for three hours, we finished our shift and went to grab some lunch—It was SO cool to have food trucks this year. Loved that! After lunch, we headed over to the Golf Channel booth to meet with Tom Abbott and Judy Rankin, it was such a great experience going in the Golf Chanel trailer with them and seeing how they do all the TV stuff – what a special treat! It was really neat and they’re also very nice! All the stuff they do is definitely something I would love to do someday (after my LPGA career, of course)!!! During a commercial break, we headed out and left the booth and headed out towards the 16th hole to catch up and walk with Paula Creamer and Brooke Henderson as they finished off their last holes of the day.

As we walked with them we got to the 17th hole and Paula creamer made a super great long putt on the green the whole crowd cheered with excitement!!! It is fun to see the crowd react. She gave the little girls knuckles when she walked by which made them all very happy—there were other Girls Golf of Phoenix members on course thanking players too!! When we got to the 18th green we were able to get some interviews after the ladies completed rounds and finished in the official scoring area. We chatted with: Paula creamer, Brooke Henderson, and Stacy Lewis.

JCR - Winner - 3 20Play concluded and Congratulations to Sei Young Kim! So exciting for her! We were able to interview Miss Kim on the green as she received her trophy!!! What an experience! The tournament and USGA also presented Girls Golf with a MILLION dollar check! WHAT!!!! So incredible to be there during this event it was amazing!

I am so grateful for our Phoenix chapter and Girls Golf National. Thank you to the Founders Cup team for this incredible experience! Katie and I loved it so much we had such a great time and I hope we get to do it again!

Until then, keep watching the LPGA players and never give up golf! It is the best sport in the world! Signing off until next time, with gratitude and love, Kalysta Kuebler

Kalysta Kuebler
2016 Junior Course Reporter


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