Course Reporters: 2016 Founders Cup – Sunday, Part 2

Sunday, March 20, 2016
Final Round JTBC Founders Cup

I started off the day being a “tee girl” on the first tee. By having this job I had to greet all the players who were about to tee and begin the final round of the 2016 LPGA JTBC Founders Cup. It was really nice how even though many of the players were their “zone”, they still took the time to introduce themselves and say hi. My favorite person that I meet that morning was Brooke Henderson because she was very sweet and started talking to Kalysta and I like we were her best friend. That personability means so much to us! Another thing that I found really interesting, was how the announcers were always able to pronounce the players’ names – you can tell they have been doing this a long time. They even told a few of their secrets when they come across a name that scares them.

JCR - Katie - 3 20 - 1After all the groups had started, Kalysta and I were invited to go back to the Golf Channel booth (that is where the Golf Channel announces LIVE)!!! We went down there before they went live so that we could take a few pictures and talk for a bit. All the people in there were really comfortable around each other and were constantly joking around (especially Tom Abbott). It was so fun to see them in person and be real with each other. Then we got to listen in while they were live!! How cool is that?!? This was such an awesome experience coming to the Golf Channel booth. I hope to be back in there one day!

Now play is done, it’s the awards ceremony and closing ceremony. I especially enjoyed this because the pro that I played with in the Pro-Am was the winner of the tournament! I am so happy for Sei Young Kim!!! She even came to give me a huge after her round!! Once the trophy was awarded Kalysta and I were able to interview her! She was very gracious and answered all of our questions with honesty. I remember that forever.


I had beyond an amazing time being a Junior Reporter for the 2016 LPGA JTBC Founders Cup. It is a week filled with memories to last a lifetime. I couldn’t ask for anything more!

Thank you!

Katie Stinchcomb
2016 Junior Course Reporter


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