Course Reporters: Kia Classic – Day 2, Part 2

Round 2 at the 2016 Kia Classic!

I think today topped the amazing day that we had on Wednesday which was tough to beat. We got to meet so many more players today and see what it is like on an actual game day. I noticed how all the players went to putt after their round and it is a good wind down after a round. It was so fun hearing the crowd cheer when someone made a good putt or chipped in on 18. All the volunteers and players were so nice!!!

One thing that was a highlight of the day was that we were on the KUSI news, in San Diego!! Boy was that fun! It was a little nerve racking but we got a hang of it. We also went to the golf channel production trucks and we met the producer, Beth Hutter, who was on top of things! The directions went from the producer Beth to JD the director and then to Doug Wetz the technical director. When they are not on air it is all fun and games but when on air it is fun and work. The producer tells the announcers what to say and what cameras she wants on the screen. Beth is one smart lady!

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The girl’s golf clinic was a blast! There was a hippo you had to hit with pieces of tubes, design a golf ball, talk to a pro, a fitness station, and some cool putting toys. All the girls were smiling and laughing. They may have not have shown up with some friends to hang out with during the day but they definitely left with some!


We met some amazing people today, like the marines who did the flag solutes on the 9th green. Sgt Solis, LCPL Kalifon, LCPL Howard, and PFC Morgan all volunteered to do the flag solute today and we are all grateful for their service for our country. We also met Michelle Wie, who says that practice is key and if you practice well then once you get out on the course it will feel like practice. Lizette Salas was also a fun person to interview because she was so supportive of us!

A big thanks to everyone in the media center, Allie, Acer, Kia, and all the players!

Juliette Ruaux
2016 Junior Course Reporter
Saturday, March 26, 2016

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