LPGA*USGA Girls Golf Member Highlight: Dani Swaggerty, Day 4

Share a little bit about your relationship with your Girls Golf director Louise Ball.

Louise has been my swing coach since the first day I swung a “big girl” club. She has taught me so much and knows girls have to feel good about themselves in order to perform well, whether it’s a golf tournament or a math test or being a true friend and being true to ourselves. She’s been way more than golf to me, to us. I call her Mom #2. I can go to her for anything.

DaniSwaggertyLouiseEFSChugThe biggest lesson I have learned from Louise is “Allow yourself to play well.” I didn’t truly embrace that until I broke 80 for my first time at our high school region tournament this year. Now I get it. I always have my swing thoughts, but it took me five years to eventually understand that one. I shot 37/39 that day and the emotion broke through after my last putt. Going to state for the second year in a row was extra sweet. And having both of “my moms” there as I wrapped up my high school career with high fives and hugs was awesome! And to see my grandparents, friends, and coaches thank Louise for her encouragement throughout the years was huge.

Now, I see her coaching my little sister who is in sixth grade, Girls Golf member, and playing on her first school team. I’m in my second year as an assistant coach for her team (my former middle school team where I started) and Louise has coached me to allow us to be individuals and keep supporting one another’s unique paths, as well as to give back.

During my college recruiting, Louise and I had many, many talks. She always listens and encourages us to be leaders, not followers and to be authors of our own stories and to always make a difference. She also reminds us that life doesn’t get easier, but sure does get better. She couldn’t be more thrilled with my opportunity to be part of the first women’s golf team in history at Eastern Florida State and keep the game growing.

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