LPGA*USGA Girls Golf Course Reporters: Kingsmill, Part 2

Rain or shine the LPGA goes on. Even though the weather was not perfect, the ladies played through that and had an amazing game. As we watched them we saw how concentrated you have to be. It was great to watch. When we got to interview the girls they had an answered all of my questions without hesitation they were all great, they were nice to us and did not get annoyed with me. When they came off the 18th green some came off happy and others came off knowing they could have done better but regardless they all were happy to answer questions, like Lexi Thompson as she was walking away we could tell she was upset but when we asked for an interview she gathered herself and answered all of my questions. All of the girls were so amazing that weekend and played their best.

Kingsmill Course ReportersWhen I asked the golfers do you have any advice for other girls they said inspiring things like to never quit and have fun. Jessica Korda said “have fun and beat up all the boys” “I had boys wearing skirts and tank tops on the range if they lost to me so make it fun”. Which she’s right girls should have fun with the game and don’t be so competitive if it’s not fun why play, at least that’s my opinion. But they players did say some inspiring things that might start out someone on the journey to golf.

When I was at the Kingsmill championship the Girls Junior Golf gave us Acer tablets to use and take cool pictures and videos, like the picture below. It was really nice of Acer to donate those tablets. The whole experience was life changing.

Thank you LPGA and Acer. I know I will never forget this amazing opportunity.

Acer-Logo_2011LPGA*USGA Girls Golf Course Reporters presented by Acer.

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