LPGA Leadership Academy presented by AXA, Day 1 Recap

by Larissa Spiess

sample_d_logoWe had an amazing first day at the Leadership Academy presented by AXA. The day started early and with high energy, with instructors being introduced to their walk-in songs and quickly our first dance party erupted. The theme of the day: embrace being uncomfortable. The girls learned more about their own personality traits and how to interact with other personalities. Each session started in a classroom setting, before moving outside to apply what was learned out on the golf course. The girls learned to strike their wonder woman poses to further elevate their confidence and to realize that ANYTHING is possible. There are no limiting beliefs and each and every girl can do anything that they set their mind to. Each girl was able to not only shape the ball, but everyone got it over the wall!

The pictures show the wonder woman poses that help elevate the level of confidence as well as their personal “move” that would further help them become empowered to achieve their goals.

It was an incredibly inspiring and amazing first day and we are excited to see what comes in day 2!

The LPGA Leadership Academy presented by AXA is a life-changing experience meant to help teenage girls find their own leadership potential by using golf as the medium. Team-building activities, communication exercises help girls realize and unlock their true potential and connect with female executives and mentors. The two-day academy focuses on helping girls find their unique leadership style through group activities, panel discussions with female executives, and reflective group discussions/journaling.


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