LPGA Leadership Academy presented by AXA, Day 2 Recap

by Larissa Spiess

sample_d_logoDay 2 of the Leadership Academy was filled with new activities. The girls learned about different stress factors and how to manage each one. Goal setting was practiced through different activities on the golf course. Another emphasis was on teamwork, which was strengthened through exercises such as the Human Knot. This may sound fairly easy but proved to be rather difficult. Each group exemplified exceptional teamwork, even if it took a few tries. One of the highlights was certainly the Relay Race—but not your typical race. Teams were created and it required not only teamwork, but playing to each individual’s strengths.

Individuals on each team were responsible for one activity, and, even though only one team could officially win, everyone was a winner through their exceptional teamwork. Each team not only cheered each other on, but every team that went through the race. You could hear the cheering from miles away!

Another highlight was the AXA panel during lunch time. Top executives from AXA shared their inspirational stories of how they got to where they are today, from overcoming political revolutions, to limiting beliefs that they were too young to work the position they were holding to starting their own business! It was truly inspirational and showed once again that not every path is straight, but if you are willing to do it, you can do it!

The afternoon concluded with the presentation of vision boards that each participant created and a couple other activities before the closing ceremony and the presentation of their certificates. It was incredible to see the transformations of the girls over the two days. By the time our final and best dance party concluded, every girl left empowered, confident and with new dance moves (including the instructors!) to embrace the world and do great things.

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