Girls Golf Event Ideas for a Rainy Day

by Lynette Robbins,
Co-Site Director of Girls Golf at Hickory Swing Course in Great Falls, MT

Hickory Swing Girls Golf in Great Falls got off to a rainy day start today, but that did not stop the girls from a fun day doing activities inside! Girls broke up into small groups and rotated around each station working on various activities. At the end of the program everyone went outside for a quick photo to show off their new golf shirts, visors they decorated and the name tags they made today!

Here is a list of our rainy day activities:

Make a name tag station:
Each girl chose a colored index card, wrote their name on it, chose stickers to add to it and cut the edges with their choice of edged scissors. They then punched a hole on two corners and cut a string of yarn to add to it so they could wear their name tag like a necklace.

Sign and draw on the thank you cards and snack station:
Each girl signed all the thank you cards ( about 20 cards) and drew small pictures them. We give every volunteer a signed than you card for helping with the program. Each girl and volunteer and staff also get a snack from this station.

Indoor putting station:
We set up two indoor putting mats and teach the girls putting at this station. Girls learned putting grips from a current college golfer.

Shirt station:
We had each girl choose a golf shirt and use a stick on name tag to wear for the day on their shirt. At the end of this first day, girls leave the name tag on the shirt, turn it back in after the pictures are taken at the end of the program. We return the shirts the second day. We will have a short fashion show first thing on day 2. Girls will take the shirts home after the second day. They will bring their golf shirt back and wear them on Day 6 and again the last day of the program for the tournament and pizza party!

Visor station:
Each girl chooses a colored visor. The put their name on their visor and decorate their visor with markers and stickers. They will wear these visors each day of the program to help protect their faces from the sun.

Introductions station:
Each girl is taught the 6 parts of introducing themselves to someone. They stand, smile, look the person in the eye, use a firm ( not limp or too hard!) hand shake, say ” Hello, my name is ________, and say a pleasant greeting using that persons name. Example”Nice to meet  you  ________.” Girls practice this in their group.

Golf grip station:
Cathie Williamson, former pro golfer (now retired) taught girls how to grip a golf club.

Here are some of today’s pictures.

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