Girls Golf at the Maid Marian Cup in Sherwood Forest

Sherwood Forest is over 100 years old and a thriving and very active golf community. For well over 30 years, They have hosted their own adult /pro tournament and golf pros from all over the greater Washington, Baltimore, and Eastern shore are active participants and their younger girls and boys provide lots of volunteer time as caddies and event guides.

The inaugural Maid Marian event on June 30th focused on their young girl players, and it was a huge benefit to  building their interest and appreciation for all the life lessons golf offers young women.

There were teams of 4, with a combined age cap to encourage each team to include younger girls. The format introduced the girls to different types of play with the ultimate goal being to introduce the pre-teen and younger girls in their community to golf, to help build the rising girls’ junior golf program, and to provide a fun way for the teen girls to mentor the younger ones.

They had 38 girls, ranging from age 8 to 15, participating in a 5-hole, multi-format, team event. The girls and the volunteers had a wonderful time and everyone is looking forward to the second annual event in 2017.

Jennifer Klepper & Genevra Waldron, who headed up the program, said, “Thank you, thank you, thank you for [LPGA*USGA Girls Golf’s] support! It’s been so fun to see these purple hats showing up all over the golf course (they’ve even been spotted on the tennis courts 🙂 ).”


Thank you, from all of us at Girls Golf, for helping grow the game!

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