Caroline Rea Exemplifies What a True eLeader is All About

As a ten-year member of the Girls Golf Program, there is no wonder why 17-year-old Caroline Rea is the August eLeader of the month! Caroline’s role as an eLeader did not just begin this year; she has been. Over the years, one of her favorite roles is being a junior instructor at her local Girls Golf program.

“My favorite part about playing that role is getting the opportunity to watch the younger girls grow through the game of golf,” said Caroline. “I love being able to help my chapter’s participants by giving them advice or simply encouraging them. When I tell them to slide their hands closer together on their club, and they hit the next shot beautifully, the smile on their face makes me feel as if I’m really making a difference.”

She also had an opportunity to be an eLeader at the National Girls Golf Academy at The Cliffs at Walnut Cove in Asheville, North Carolina. Caroline said, “I got to watch some of the best golf coaches around teach the Girls Golf participants. I learned from them how to coach the younger girls, and I found that the girls listened much better if I lead by example rather than just telling them what to do.”

Caroline is a great example of what the eLeader program is all about! She is someone who not only benefits from their local Girls Golf program, but also has the desire to make sure that the girls coming up behind her have a great experience as well.

Caroline will be entering her senior year of high school and has ambitions to be a Physician’s Assistant. Although she may not pursue a career in golf, she wants to continue to give back to the sport that has offered her so many great life experiences!

Congratulations Caroline from the LPGA*USGA Headquarters, and thank you for being a great example for all Girls Golf members!

In February 2016, LPGA*USGA Girls Golf started the eLeader program, a new, national volunteer and mentorship opportunity for Girls Golf members, ages 13 – 17, looking for ways to give back to their local site. In addition to making a difference in their community, they build professional and leadership skills that will help prepare them for life beyond high school.

To learn more about how you can become and eLeader, go to

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