September eLeader of the Month: Marin Pena – Champion of Girls Golf

Marin has been a member of the Girls Golf of Greater Washington D.C. since its foundation in 2013. As an eLeader, she has served as an Assistant Coach, where she likes being a role model to for the younger girls and helping them learn about golf. One of her favorite games she likes to play with the girls is “What’s in the Bag” that helps them learn about what they should carry in their golf bags.

Katie Blodgett, Site Director of LPGA-USGA Girls Golf of Greater Washington DC, said, “Marin has been a great role model for the younger girls in the program. They all look up to up to her and love having her lead activities. I have enjoyed watching her grow into a great leader for our programs.”

By assisting her Site Director and mentoring the younger members, Marin exemplifies what the eLeader program is about by already giving back to the program at only 17!

Marin says she wants to help her high school team (Wakefield) get to the Regional Tournament, and then to the Virginia State Tournament. She has already qualified for the Virginia Girls Regional Tournament as an individual and wants to advance to the State Tournament.

Marin’s ambition and dedication to growing the game is why she is, without a doubt, worthy of being the September eLeader of the Month!

The LPGA*USGA Girls Golf headquarters takes our hats off to you, Marin, for your commitment to growing the game!

In February 2016, LPGA*USGA Girls Golf started the eLeader program, a new national volunteer and mentorship opportunity for Girls Golf members, ages 13 – 17, looking for ways to give back to their local site. In addition to making a difference in their community, they build professional and leadership skills that will help prepare them for life beyond high school.

To learn more about how you can become and eLeader, go to

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