2017 LPGA Bank of Hope Founders Cup – Junior Course Reporters – WEDNESDAY

Wednesday Recap
by Mary Beth Doss:

Day Two for Meg and I at the LPGA Bank of Hope Founders Cup! In the morning, I checked in for Course reporting and once that was done, I had some free time to watch my favorite player, Morgan Pressel, play in the Bank of Hope Pro-Am. The Pro-Am is typically played the day before the first round of the real tournament, and is when the people who sponsor the events get to play with two different pros (One pro plays the front 9 with the sponsors, the other plays the back 9).

After I watched Morgan, two golf members accompanied us to film a PR Promo for The Golf Channel. The clips were little teasers and it was super fun to film! One hour later, Meg and I had the opportunity to go to The Golf Channel trailer area. We had the opportunity to sit and listen to The Golf Channel recording, and this was very cool to experience since we had never seen behind-the-scenes access like this before. When the reporters were finished, they gave us a shout-out and we were able to introduce ourselves and answer some simple questions.

One of my favorite parts of the interview was when Meg and I had the chance to turn the tables around and interview Tom Abbott. We both asked a few simple questions and a few challenging questions and he answered them very well and seemed to enjoy it. During this time, there were many photos being taken and we sometimes had to pose during the interview, which brought about some very comical pictures. After the cameras stopped rolling, we talked to a few of other Golf Channel workers who also happened to be ex-tour players, which allowed us to ask even more questions that we had come up with throughout the day.

Next, we went to The Girls Golf press conference held in the Media Center, where we sat with reporters and listened to Nancy Lopez, Sandra Gal, and one of our own members, Kyla Wilde, answer questions. This press conference, which was moderated by Nancy Henderson, the LPGA Foundation President, focused on the past, the present, and the future for women in the game of golf. Each lady up there did such an amazing job answering questions, but I especially enjoyed watching one of my friends, Kyla, responding back with great answers. Nancy Lopez and Sandra Gal both talked about their careers and specifically what golf meant to them as women.

Aside from these major events on Day Two, Meg and I had a good amount of time to walk around and get to know the course, as well as the players. It was an incredible day, and I can’t wait for what the rest of the tournament will bring!

Wednesday Recap
by Meg Marty:

 Mary Beth and I kicked off Day Two of the Founder’s Cup by heading down to The Golf Channel’s “Player Room”, where the tournament players were flowing in and out for interviews. This gave us the opportunity to see what goes on behind the camera, and how both the reporters and the players prepare for interviews.

We also had the privilege of being filmed for an intro for The Founder’s Cup. We were placed in front of the camera and had to say a few lines from a script; I felt like an actress! Our lines were based off the 5 E’s and the girls who represent them. My line was, “When I grow up I want to be on the LPGA Tour!”

After this, we had a mini-photo shoot with Cori; we took pictures high-fiving the players of the tournament, as well as the girls participating in the Pro-Am!! This was so much fun.

One of my favorite parts of the day was having the honor of speaking with Marilynn Smith, who is one of the thirteen founders of the LPGA! It was incredibly exciting to be able to speak with someone who helped start it all! On our way back to the Media Center, Beth and I saw Sadena Parks and her caddie. We were able to take pictures with her and she gave us each one of her own head covers!

Finally, Beth and I made our way over to The Golf Channel’s trailer with Scott Wood, the LPGA BofH Founders Cup Tournament Director. Here, we sat in on a meeting with the crew of The Golf Channel and learned what events are happening this week. We were able to interview the people who worked there, including Tom Abbott, the co-host of Big Break Florida!

Directly after this we went to the Girls Golf press conference in the Media Center! We listened to Sandra Gal and Nancy Lopez answer questions about the past, present, and future of women in golf. It was a very great learning experience!

Once we checked off these events off our to-do list for the day, we walked around the course and got to see the players finishing their practice rounds. We can’t wait for the tournament to start!

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