2017 LPGA Bank of Hope Founders Cup – Jr Course Reporters – THURSDAY

Thursday Recap
by Mary Beth Doss:

Today, I arrived at the course early and decided to start off by watching my favorite LPGA Pro Golfer Morgan Pressel play. The moment she saw us on Hole 3 watching, she came over to say hello and give us a hug! I was able to watch her play all the way through to Hole 13; it was wonderful because she’s one of my biggest inspirations! After this, I walked back to The Girl’s Golf tent to check in with Cori and all the other girls.

After about 5 minutes of sitting in the booth and catching up with everyone, Cori and I walked over to the location where the “What’s Fore Lunch” luncheon was held. While walking over, we saw Meg and began checking in a few people for the event. Once this was finished, we began eating and it was delicious!

There was also an activity portion of the event in which we had to physically had to draw the connections golf has given us individually or how we each got started in the game, and then share. We had the real treat of listening to Hall-of-Fame golfer Nancy Lopez share her golf history and as well as her life achievements; she was very inspirational and very entertaining.

Afterwards, my family and I met up and got to have lunch with Morgan Pressel! Morgan was so nice to wait for me even though her round ended an hour before we met up. The meal and conversation was a great time, we all had so much fun! It’s always a blast to see her every year!

Thursday Recap
by Meg Marty:

Beth and I got to kick off the third day of the tournament with the “What’s Fore Lunch” luncheon with Nancy Lopez! It was exciting and such a great opportunity because it was a setting of an intimate networking event with people who are in the LPGA Golf Industry! We sat down and ate lunch and then broke into an activity where we each could share our golf history!

We were given scratch cards and sticks and we had the task of drawing something we’ve done with golf in business or how we got started. This was just to get to know everyone! Then Nancy spoke to us about her career in golf, her struggles and what helped her become a successful golfer.

It was amazing to be able to sit and talk with such a legend in the LPGA rather than just being a fan waiting for an autograph! After this, the remainder of the day was a laid-back; I helped at the Girls Golf booth and got to talk to our favorite players and check in to see how their first day went! I got to interview Cheyenne Woods and Sandra Gal! Both started off on a good note and said they were excited and eager for what comes next in the Bank of Hope Founders Cup!

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