We All Need Rangefinders by Kayla Guru (eLeader)

We all need rangefinders. We all need a compass of sorts that we can rely on, that will help us when we’re indecisive, overwhelmed, and delirious from a day in the sun. To not only lead us towards our goals, but to help us make the right decisions on how to get there. From loft, to backswing, to club choice, there are a multitude of decisions to make and we invariably desire help from the very beginning. From the time when all that matters is learning the basics to the time when making the next cut is all that matters, every comment carries so much worth and inspires unique ideas in the golfer. It’s almost like a personalized gift delivered to you when you need it most!

It is true that it is our responsibility to listen to our rangefinder. Although we may not agree all the time and put our wants above years of trusty experience, title, and brand, we always come back to our trusty, steadfast, brilliant leader. Oh, how much it does for you, how grateful, how appreciative you are- and what does it ask in return? It merely asks for cooperation! What a trade-off that represents—the bond between the instructor and the student.

My coach is my rangefinder. From the first lesson, she has kept me grounded, teaching me to find joy in the good shots, and to set my sights on the glorious, rewarding flag pin that stands down the line. From the first tee-off to the last putt and every shot in between, the support serves as motivation to reach the end of the hole. Someone who loves their job so much that they are always there, advising you and wishing for you to make the right decisions for yourself and your team. And when I’m on the brink, inching towards the out of bounds line unable to see what lies, she is there to pull me back into the fairway and remind me that I’m just yards away. With discipline and drills, I have gained the skills to help move through myself through the course and to carry along with me, a growth mindset. With every number crunched, I am a player consistently reaching new golf goals & setting my personal bar higher.

However, as we develop, we begin to become more independent. There are times where we know our goals and the path we need to reach them. Even so, the comfort is derived from knowing that our rangefinder and their wisdom stays in your golf bag, carted through the rain, the hail, and the sunshine of our lives. When it comes down to it, through the rough and through the fairway, through the confusion and through the epiphany, it is the inevitable truth that we will always need our rangefinder.

About Kayla Guru

I began golfing at the age of 10, seeing as I loved math and all of its tenets. Angles, shapes, degrees, and the laws of physics all seemed to combine in the sport of golf. Being an advocate for STEM, I looked towards golf as being the sport that combined aspects of my favorite subjects. I have had the same coach ever since, joining my high school girls golf team and having the honor of playing on the varsity team for a variety of matches. I continue to train off-season, working with my coach on the “nitty-gritty” aspects of my golf swing. I recently became an eLeader in the LPGA program and am loving working with passionate young golfers. If you can’t find me on a tee-box, you can find me at elementary schools teaching young kids cyber security skills with my organization, Bits N’ Bytes by Kyla. I also LOVE singing, exploring STEM, and building robots with my team!

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