We All Need Rangefinders by Kayla Guru (eLeader)

We all need rangefinders. We all need a compass of sorts that we can rely on, that will help us when we’re indecisive, overwhelmed, and delirious from a day in the sun. To not only lead us towards our goals, but to help us make the right decisions on how to get there. From loft, to backswing, to club choice, there are a multitude of decisions to make and we invariably desire help from the very beginning. From the time when all that matters is learning the basics to the time when making the next cut is all that matters, every comment carries so much worth and inspires unique ideas in the golfer. It’s almost like a personalized gift delivered to you when you need it most!

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2017 LPGA Bank of Hope Founders Cup – Jr Course Reporters – THURSDAY

Thursday Recap
by Mary Beth Doss:

Today, I arrived at the course early and decided to start off by watching my favorite LPGA Pro Golfer Morgan Pressel play. The moment she saw us on Hole 3 watching, she came over to say hello and give us a hug! I was able to watch her play all the way through to Hole 13; it was wonderful because she’s one of my biggest inspirations! After this, I walked back to The Girl’s Golf tent to check in with Cori and all the other girls.

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2017 LPGA Bank of Hope Founders Cup – Junior Course Reporters – WEDNESDAY

Wednesday Recap
by Mary Beth Doss:

Day Two for Meg and I at the LPGA Bank of Hope Founders Cup! In the morning, I checked in for Course reporting and once that was done, I had some free time to watch my favorite player, Morgan Pressel, play in the Bank of Hope Pro-Am. The Pro-Am is typically played the day before the first round of the real tournament, and is when the people who sponsor the events get to play with two different pros (One pro plays the front 9 with the sponsors, the other plays the back 9).

After I watched Morgan, two golf members accompanied us to film a PR Promo for The Golf Channel. The clips were little teasers and it was super fun to film! One hour later, Meg and I had the opportunity to go to The Golf Channel trailer area. We had the opportunity to sit and listen to The Golf Channel recording, and this was very cool to experience since we had never seen behind-the-scenes access like this before. When the reporters were finished, they gave us a shout-out and we were able to introduce ourselves and answer some simple questions.

One of my favorite parts of the interview was when Meg and I had the chance to turn the tables around and interview Tom Abbott. We both asked a few simple questions and a few challenging questions and he answered them very well and seemed to enjoy it. During this time, there were many photos being taken and we sometimes had to pose during the interview, which brought about some very comical pictures. After the cameras stopped rolling, we talked to a few of other Golf Channel workers who also happened to be ex-tour players, which allowed us to ask even more questions that we had come up with throughout the day.

Next, we went to The Girls Golf press conference held in the Media Center, where we sat with reporters and listened to Nancy Lopez, Sandra Gal, and one of our own members, Kyla Wilde, answer questions. This press conference, which was moderated by Nancy Henderson, the LPGA Foundation President, focused on the past, the present, and the future for women in the game of golf. Each lady up there did such an amazing job answering questions, but I especially enjoyed watching one of my friends, Kyla, responding back with great answers. Nancy Lopez and Sandra Gal both talked about their careers and specifically what golf meant to them as women.

Aside from these major events on Day Two, Meg and I had a good amount of time to walk around and get to know the course, as well as the players. It was an incredible day, and I can’t wait for what the rest of the tournament will bring!

Wednesday Recap
by Meg Marty:

 Mary Beth and I kicked off Day Two of the Founder’s Cup by heading down to The Golf Channel’s “Player Room”, where the tournament players were flowing in and out for interviews. This gave us the opportunity to see what goes on behind the camera, and how both the reporters and the players prepare for interviews.

We also had the privilege of being filmed for an intro for The Founder’s Cup. We were placed in front of the camera and had to say a few lines from a script; I felt like an actress! Our lines were based off the 5 E’s and the girls who represent them. My line was, “When I grow up I want to be on the LPGA Tour!”

After this, we had a mini-photo shoot with Cori; we took pictures high-fiving the players of the tournament, as well as the girls participating in the Pro-Am!! This was so much fun.

One of my favorite parts of the day was having the honor of speaking with Marilynn Smith, who is one of the thirteen founders of the LPGA! It was incredibly exciting to be able to speak with someone who helped start it all! On our way back to the Media Center, Beth and I saw Sadena Parks and her caddie. We were able to take pictures with her and she gave us each one of her own head covers!

Finally, Beth and I made our way over to The Golf Channel’s trailer with Scott Wood, the LPGA BofH Founders Cup Tournament Director. Here, we sat in on a meeting with the crew of The Golf Channel and learned what events are happening this week. We were able to interview the people who worked there, including Tom Abbott, the co-host of Big Break Florida!

Directly after this we went to the Girls Golf press conference in the Media Center! We listened to Sandra Gal and Nancy Lopez answer questions about the past, present, and future of women in golf. It was a very great learning experience!

Once we checked off these events off our to-do list for the day, we walked around the course and got to see the players finishing their practice rounds. We can’t wait for the tournament to start!

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2017 Bank of Hope Founders Cup – Girls Golf – Junior Course Reporters

Tuesday, March 14, 2017 – Media Check In, Player Meeting & Pairings Party
Tuesday Recap by MaryBeth Doss:

Today, the other Junior Reporter, Meg, and I checked in for our first day at the LPGA Bank of Hope Founders Cup! First stop, we got to see the official Media Center to grab credentials and meet the official PR team! We also met some of the people who worked there and told us about what they do and their roles. Some people were interns but most were writers or involved with media.

That evening, we had a special invite to go to the Players Meeting for all the LPGA professionals. It was a long chat and lots of info was shared. The meeting pretty much explained the fundamentals and whatnot of all the week’s expectations. LPGA Commissioner, Mike Whan, lead the meeting where they talked about the player constitution, rules for the week and more. They also took time to chat with the players about security and how to be safe in person with people and on social media. It was long and all business. It was good to see that side of being a player.

The last stop of the night was Bank of Hope Pro-Am Pairings Party. The Pairings Party is when the players (not the pros) who are playing in the Pro-Am get to see what professional is playing with them for the next day’s round of golf. Throughout the night, we saw many pros all dressed up and even got the chance with talk and visit with a few of them. To close out the night, we had nice chat with Natalie Gulbis – she has a sponsor exemption spot to play!

Day 1 complete! Today was really fun…The first day of being a course reporter in the books…

Tuesday Recap
by Meg Marty:

Today was Day One of the LPGA Bank of Hope Founders Cup!!!

Upon arrival, we got our first look at the tournament Media Center! We meet Al, who works for LPGA, he is a liaison with the media at many tour events. After that, we had the opportunity to attend the LPGA Players Meeting, which is where the LPGA players check in and learn about rules and expectations for the week. The gathering was kind of like a board meeting where they go over the LPGA Constitution and approve rules. It was a side of the players jobs I had never seen.

After the Players Meeting, we went to the Pro-Am Pairings Party! At this special party, we meet the Tour Players and we learned the parings for the Pro-Am taking place on Wednesday! We socialized at the party, mingled at the JW Marriott Desert Ridge to meet as many supporters as possible and had some super yummy food!!!

My favorite part of the Pairings party was the photo booth and chatting with the LPGA players about their experiences. Tonight, we were welcomed with the sponsors and LPGA players as equals, tonight we were not just fans asking for autographs — we were included, welcomed and feel really grateful for a special evening.

Signing out for Day 1 at the LPGA Bank of Hope Founders Cup. What a blast!

2017 LPGA Bank of Hope Founders Cup LPGA*USGA Girls Golf Course Reporters

Bbeth-doss-2017-jr-course-reporter-girls-golf-of-phoenixeth Doss is a 13 years old, 8th grader at L. Thomas Heck Middle School in Litchfield Park, Arizona. Her favorite sport is golf and she has truly found her passion as an active and engaged player. She is an active member of the LPGA Girls Golf of Phoenix, The First Tee of Phoenix, JGAA and US kids. Her favorite part of golf is sharing it with close friends. Beth loves hanging with her friends from golf and school. Beth favorite LPGA player is Morgan Pressel and through the LPGA Founder Cup she has had many experiences with her. Beth has been a “Fan” of The Founders Cup and has been able to attend since she was 7. She also has athletic roots in cross country running, basketball and softball. Before golf became her passion, she also found success as a competitive figure skater. Beth is a straight A student and school has offered her many achievements and success.

meg-marty-2017-jr-course-reporter-girls-golf-of-phoenixMeg Marty is 14 years old and attends Desert Mountain High School and involved in the IB Program. Meg loves to volunteer, meet new people, bake, hike, tell corny jokes, go on adventures and PLAY GOLF (especially Girls Golf)! What she loves most about golf is what is learned on course that can apply off course… She knows the importance of the game on and off and has learned integrity, honesty and sportsmanship. As a freshman just starting golf, Meg earned the privilege to play on top 5 on her High School varsity golf team and some of her successes include qualifying for the state championship, chipping-in during competitive rounds, and winning MVP for her team (as a freshman)! When Meg is not playing golf, she can be found volunteering in the community, worshiping at her church, playing with her 13 chickens or having fun with family and friends.

What We Tell Ourselves Matters

from Kira Montuori, Girls on the Run International

Last spring, we painted my daughter’s room. Initially, she requested very bold and bright colors. Being more reserved, I said “Why don’t you do something more subtle and bring those colors into the room through accenting?” (Inner voice pleading: Please don’t want to do crazy-colored walls!)

Thankfully, this spurred an idea in my daughter. With the help of my sister-in-law, they executed Milana’s wall of words. I thought it was great, really great, but its greatness didn’t quite hit me until the other night when my daughter and I were lying on her bed reading together. As I closed my book, I looked at all the words on her wall encircling “Milana is…”

Different. Leader. Fearless. Proud. Lucky. Fast. Joyful. Dreamer.

Bright. Fashionable. Resourceful. Active. Brave. Fierce.

I thought, holy snap crackle pop, she wakes up to these words. Every morning. When the world hasn’t hit her yet, she gets to remind herself of who she is, in her own words.

Words have the ability to breathe life into us. Unfortunately, words can also tear the life right out of us.

I wish this wall was my idea but I’m grateful that my daughter has enough insight to surround herself with words that lift her up. I hope that as she rises from her bed each morning and lays her head to rest each night, that these reminders stitch tightly to the fabric of her core.

Because what we tell ourselves matters. In fact, the internal dialogue is probably the most important voice we hear. Our inner words define our inner relationship and our relationship with ourselves defines every other relationship in our lives.

My daughter’s wall is a reminder for me too. A reminder to choose my words so that they help me RISE and SHINE!

5 Ways to Improve your Game AND Your Life this Year

by Abbey Algiers

Happy New Year! With each new year, we have the opportunity to start fresh with new resolutions. Here’s a question for this year…why not choose resolutions that will help your golf game and your life?

Try a new twist on traditional resolution setting!

1. Keep your eye on the ball

My dad has been my unofficial golf coach my entire life, always giving lots of advice. After maybe 1,000 rounds, “keep your eye on the ball” wins the prize for the most repeated direction. It’s sage advice; we all know that if our head comes up too soon, the shot won’t be ideal.It’s the same way in life – as we go through each day, how about focusing on each moment? This is tough to do in our multi – tasking world full of distracting technology.

However, let’s bring it back to the tee shot. At the tee, your only job is to hit the ball. Head down, focus, and swing. That logic transfers nicely to life – address one task, focus on it, and move on to the next. The same goes with people – be with the people you are with, physically and mentally. The result? Better productivity, better relationships, and better shots all around.

2. Swing slowly and steadily

Or, as my dad has repeatedly told me, “Don’t try to kill the ball.” As you swing – it’s about your intention and approach. Of course each shot requires a different technique, but a good general rule is to remember that haste definitely makes waste in golf. We need to breathe, address the ball, and handle each shot with thought and concentration.

Similarly, it’s good to approach each life task with a calm intention. Realize that you don’t always have to put it into overdrive. Take a breath. When we’re deliberate in our pursuits instead of hasty and frenzied, we’ll probably end up a lot closer to the pin.

3. Aim at your target

Your ball is not going to make it to the green if you’re aiming for the sand trap to the right of it. I always love it when my ball unintentionally goes right or left, and my dad tells me, “You were aiming that way.” Very helpful advice. But really, it does help to look at the target and visualize the ball reaching it. It also helps to line things up so your shot has a chance.

Off the course, take stock of your short and long term goals. Do you want better grades this year? Then start thinking about how you can adjust your studying habits to make it happen. Do you want to purchase something big in the new year? Then, find out how much you’ll have to save/earn to make that happen. If you’re not pointing in the right direction – chances are you’re not going to get there.

4. Learn from your bad shots

Let’s face it; we are going to have bad shots. However, instead of beating ourselves up after a bad hole and sinking into a mini-depression, try re-grouping. Take a breath. Watch your what you tell yourself mentally. Shake off the bad juju and focus on making the next one better. True, the next shot or next 10 shots might be equally as bad. That’s why there are 9 or 18 holes of golf – we always have a chance to start fresh. That’s also why driving ranges and practice greens exist – if things aren’t going well, we can practice until we get it right.

Similarly, in life, when we have bad days…we can grow from bad experiences. Work on starting each day fresh and see where that takes you. We don’t have to take mishaps and bad days as affronts to our very being. Bad days, like bad shots, are actually learning experiences disguised as life’s annoyances. Let’s not let them get us down.

5. Cherish the great shots

This one’s not that hard to do, who doesn’t appreciate a great shot? However, how often do we really think about what we did to make that good shot good? Next time you have an awesome drive, think about how you made it happen. Then, stop and appreciate it, and take a second to pat yourself on the back and enjoy the moment. Similarly, if you’re having a great round with your favorite golfing buddies on the most beautiful day of summer – pause for just one second to soak it in.

“Perfect moments” don’t come along that often. It’s like this in life, too. Life is sprinkled with good times and bad. When we’re having good moments- with family, friends, or by ourselves- it’s important to make sure we really appreciate them because we know all too well that great moments or shots aren’t always a given. Yet, by keeping a positive mental attitude in good times and bad, we do have the power to make each day of the new year, and beyond, great.

Here’s to a year of fantastic rounds!

2016 LPGA*USGA Girls Golf Holiday Gift Guide!

With the holidays around the corner, we’re bringing back our annual Girls Golf gift guide.

We’ve scoured the internet to find goodies for the golf lover in your family!

Girls Golf Programs Get in on the Mannequin Challenge

by Ashleigh McLaughlin

You no doubt by now have heard of, or even participated in the viral video trend that’s been sweeping the nation. The #MannequinChallenge is a social media sensation that has inspired groups of friends to get together to come up with creative scenes while remaining frozen in action like mannequins – all while a video is being recorded.

TV Hosts, NBA Teams, and some of the world’s biggest celebrities have all taken part – and now Girls Golf members across the country are joining in too!

Here are a few of the fun videos from Girls Golfers who have gotten together to take on this fun challenge:

Girls Golf of Phoenix takes the term “good form” to another level with their putting drill video:


Girls Golf of Miami certainly gets style points for this one!


Girls Golf of Hampton Roads, Virginia Site Director gets her entire junior golf program in on the fun!


Not to be outdone, the staff at LPGA Headquarters created a fun holiday-themed Mannequin Challenge of our own!

Have you created a #MannequinChallenge video of your own? Tag us in yours and you may just see it up on our blog!

Giving Thanks: A Reflection on the Power of Feeling Welcomed

from Allie Bodemann

Singing, dancing, running a race, wearing pink hair bows, and making new friends; if I told you all of these activities happened at a golf tournament would you believe me? Well I’m happy to share with you, they were and the event was both memorable and transformative for everyone who participated!

The 1st Annual LPGA*USGA Girls Golf of the Treasure Coast Turkey Trot Tournament at Bent Pine Golf Club showcased the epitome of what the Girls Golf program is all about. The event brought together 60 local girls, paired them with 25 female mentors, put them all on a golf course, and threw in plenty of fun along the way! The results were life changing for everyone involved, including myself.

I was fortunate enough to participate as a mentor in the Turkey Trot tournament. After meeting my two new young friends/playing partners Caitlin and Madeline, who were 6 and 8 years old respectively. Our first order of business was picking a team name.

“Do all the teams get to pick their names?” they asked as we walked to our golf cart.

“I’m not sure, but you both will get to pick ours!” I replied.

After seeing the sweet smiles grow on their faces, I knew right away we were going to have a great day together!


The format for the event was a 6-hole, alternate shot tournament from shortened tees. This was not a traditional golf tournament; there were fun rules to follow throughout the round, which got teams to let loose and even get a little silly. At the end of each hole, we had to dance the turkey trot on our way back to our golf cart. Each team could even deduct a stroke from their score after each hole if the girls showed good sportsmanship and encouraged one another.

Caitlin and Madeline were both fairly new golfers and hadn’t spent much time on a golf course or competed in a golf tournament yet, which gave me a great platform to help teach them some of golf’s basic rules and etiquette. I helped teach them how to mark their golf ball, the importance of waiting your turn to play, how to rake a bunker, the anatomy of a scorecard, how to keep track of our team’s score, and so much more. We danced, we laughed, and we even raced our way through those six holes.

I was blown away by the girls’ positivity; they never got upset about missing a shot (which didn’t happen often, I might add, as they both had wonderful golf swings) and they supported each throughout the day, offering encouraging words and giving each other advice. As our round of golf came to a close, the girls asked if we could keep playing; they couldn’t wait to see each other again and come back for the next Girls Golf event. I found myself wishing the day could have lasted longer too.

While spending that time with Caitlin and Madeline, I couldn’t help but think back to my experience venturing onto a golf course when I was their age.  As a young girl, my parents chose to give up our family’s membership at our local golf course because my sister and I often times felt unwelcome. I remember the excitement we I felt when we got the chance to tag along with our dad to the course.  He wanted so badly to share his love for the game with us and for us to create fun memories playing golf together as a family. Unfortunately, we were often times met with sour looks and groans from the men at the club who were clearly not as excited as we were that we’d be playing ahead of their group.  Little did they know, we were capable of outdriving and outplaying them all. I wonder now if I would have been too discouraged to continue playing if I not been a skilled and confident golfer.


The experience that I thought back to was so very different than that of Caitlin and Madeline’s day during the Turkey Trot tournament which I am truly thankful for. There is no doubt in my mind that they fell in love with the game of golf that day and that they’ll be golfers for life. The treatment they received from the event hosts and staff at Bent Pine Golf Club that day was nothing short of remarkable. Not only did the host golf course, a prestigious private club, close the front nine holes just for the girls and women playing in the event, but the Head Golf Professional personally came out, driving around the golf course and stopping to thank every group and player for participating in the event.


My participation in the Turkey Trot tournament is a day I will never forget. As I have learned many times throughout my time working for the LPGA Foundation golf is much more than a game and sometimes the teacher learns more than the student. I had the chance to see first-hand that the Girls Golf movement is here, it is strong, and it is creating a brighter future for girls to learn and enjoy this life changing sport.