by Abbey Algiers

Players of the 21st century seem destined to break through boundaries as never before. Prior to 1980, only one player, Al Geiberger, ever shot a tournament score of 59 (13 under par), and only a handful of others shot 60. With the new millennium came a couple of unofficial 58s. Annika Sorenstam, the only woman to have shot a tournament 59, had publicly declared her goal to shoot a 54; it has become her mantra and the mantra of many. It is quite obvious a new standard is being set.

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Four Easy Ways to Take Your Practice to the Golf Course

by Jeff Troesch

One of the most common conundrums identified by golfers is β€œWhy do I hit the ball so well on the range but have a difficult time replicating this on the golf course?” Left to their own devices, more would look to their on-course behavior for the answer. But, frequently, the answer lies in their practice behavior, and not in their playing behavior.

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