Submission Guidelines


The Girls Golf blog is dedicated to bringing educational and inspirational content to girls, parents, and site directors about the girls golf program and content that is representative of our Five E’s, girl empowerment, inspiration, and tips about golf and life.

Our Brand Identity

LPGA-USGA Girls Golf is the ideal path for introducing and keeping girls engaged in golf.

We are the experts in “girl-friendly” golf and make learning and playing the game fun, social, and enriching. In addition to golf, we empower our members with important life skills specific to development for girls.

Our Audience

Parents – Parents and guardians looking to introduce their daughters to golf or seeking insight to help them stay engaged in the game. Blogs for parents should be informative or inspirational. They should be written in a professional but personable tone, and should cover content that would attract a parent interested in interacting with their girl golfer, provide advice on how to balance life and golf, and so on. It is important that blogs for parents always keep girls, and golf in mind.

Girls – Girls ages 6-17 (with ranging abilities) looking to connect with role models, learn about scholarship opportunities, and connect (or reconnect) with other members. Blogs written for the girls themselves should be aimed at different age groups and written appropriately for each. The age breakdown and topic examples are as followed:

Ages 7-10 – Blogs for this age group should be very textually brief and the language should reflect that of a third-grade reading level. The content should be light-hearted and exciting, highlighting the fun aspects of golf such as practice games and activities. Blogs for this age group should also be accompanied by lots of pictures or videos.

Ages 11-12 – Like the 7-10 age group, blogs for this group should be written plainly and in a bright, but slightly more advanced tone; however, this age range can also brush on more topics such as social activities, health, and golf tips.

Ages 13-15 – At 14, most girls drop out of sports entirely. Blogs for this age group should work to change that. Unlike the previous two age groups, blogs for this group should be written more maturely and cover topics that the average 13-14-year-old would face such as school, friends, golf, other clubs/activities, health, social activities, and growing up. These blogs should feel comfortable covering more serious topics, but should be written in a positive, upbeat style. Though heavier topics can be discussed, there should always be a positive tone throughout.

Ages 16-17 – Blogs for this age group should be written in a style almost indistinguishable from that of writing for an adult. Girls at this age should find blogs about incorporating golf into their lives, college, giving back, scholarships, relationships (friends, family, romantic, etc) health, and so on. Like the previous age group, heavier topics should be handled with a lighthearted tone and should, in some way, relate back to girlhood or golf.

Site Directors – Golf Pros and industry professionals looking for unique ways to engage (and retain) girls and to increase revenue at their facilities. Blogs for site directors should be similar to blogs for parents, written professionally but personably. Topics should cover things like ideas for activities, advice for running their facility, or inspirational highlights of programs.

Our Personality Adjectives

  • Friendly
  • Fun
  • Thoughtful
  • Personable
  • Whimsical
  • Entertaining
  • Inspirational
  • Warm
  • Cheerful
  • Educational

What We Are Looking for in a Contributor

Contributors for the blog can be of any age and experience level. First-time bloggers welcome. We prefer someone who is in some way involved with golf (either a girl golfer or a golf professional), and someone who can write clearly and provide at least five blogs a year.


Those interested in providing content for the Girls Golf blog should submit TWO sample blog posts in a .doc or .docx format, ranging between 250 – 500 words, and a brief bio pasted into the body of the email sent to with Girls Golf Blog and your name in the subject of the email. Please allow 1-2 weeks for your samples to be considered. Submissions that do not follow these guidelines run the risk of being ignored.


If you are more comfortable vlogging instead of blogging, we will also accept videos and host them on our Official Girls Golf YouTube channel and share the video on our blog and social media outlets. To submit your video, send the file to with Girls Golf Vlog and your name in the subject of the email and allow 1-2 weeks for your video to be considered. Videos should be under 4 minutes long and in  .mov, .wmv, or .mp4 format.


Any questions about submission or blogging should be directed towards