Course Reporters: 2016 Founders Cup – Saturday

Saturday, March 19, 2016
Round 3 JTBC Founders Cup

What a fun-packed day at the JTBC Founders Cup!!! The day started with getting interviewed by Golf Channel on the practice range. I have to say, I was very nervous but they all told me I did great and gave good answers. It felt so cool to be the one being interviewed rather than the other way around. After this, Kalysta and I went around the range and putting green getting interviews from a few of the pros. This was such a blast and I really felt like I was a part of the Golf Channel crew (which is my DREAM)!!!

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Course Reporters: 2016 Founders Cup – Friday

Friday, March 18, 2016
Round 2 LPGA JTBC Founders Cup

It’s Friday!!! Today wasn’t really a jammed packed day for me, so I enjoyed going on the range and taking pictures of the pros practicing. I also sat at the Girls Golf booth with my Mom and Miss Christina, and a couple of the other ladies and watched all the little girls come up to the table and get really excited about the game of golf! I met a lot of Canadians!!! I am a Canadian (as well as American) so it was fun to chat with them. The booth is a great way to market Girls Golf and chat with lots of event attendees.
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Course Reporters: 2016 Founders Cup- Thursday, Part 2

Thursday, March 17, 2016
Round 1 LPGA JTBC Founders Cup

I was soooo ready to start day 2 as a Junior Course Reporter at the 2016 LPGA JTBC Founders Cup. It’s Green Day!!! So far we have set up the Girls Golf booth with fun activities and cool games. Then Katie and I headed over for a “What’s FORE lunch?” (a business networking lunch for local business ladies with the Founders Cup team). The food at the lunch was very good and my favorite part the amazing cookies (hehe).

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Course Reporters: 2015 Founders Cup – Thursday, Part 1

Thursday, March 17, 2016
Round 1 LPGA JTBC Founders Cup

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Day 2 on the job at the 2016 LPGA JTBC Founders Cup was filled with meeting new people and learning new things. We started with the “What’s FORE Lunch” luncheon—a great networking event. It was a meeting for business ladies in the community and a great way for them to connect. We did a fun activity to learn about each other and strengths by coming up with a business plan for a new business. I have to say I got a little scared when the hostess, Tracy Hupko, gave us this task but surprisingly, once we started, the ideas come out really easy. All of the people who attended this luncheon were extremely nice and creative.

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Course Reporters: 2016 Founders Cup – Wednesday

Wednesday, March 16, 2016
By Kalysta Kuebler

JCR - 2016 - Larry and KalystaHi, Kalysta HERE!! This experience is amazing… Today was the Pro Am Tournament at the 2016 JTBC Founders Cup Tournament and I was so excited to participate in this fun day!! Today I got to interview many ladies inside of the ropes!! That was so fun!! Early this morning, I got to hang out with Larry Fitzgerald, Carson Palmer and Cheyenne Woods! WHAT???!!!!!! SO exciting!

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Course Reporters: 2016 Founders Cup – Tuesday

Tuesday, March 15, 2016
by Katie Stinchcomb

The 2016 LPGA JTBC Founders Cup is HERE!!! I have to say, the first day being BACK on the job has been a great one! Tuesday, March 15th started with the AXA Press Conference where we got to hear some advice from the creators of Vision 54, Lynn and Pia Nelson. They gave a ton of useful skills that are meant to help us with the mental and emotional side of golf. We even got the chance to experience it live in person by them coming over to watch a few swings and give us pointers on how we should handle the good and bad shots. Also during this conference, Britney Lincicome made an appearance and talked to us for a bit.

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Meet our 2016 Founders Cup Course Reporter Katie Stinchcomb

Instagram: @kate_makena
Age 13, Cave Creek

Katie is 13 years old and is a 7th grader in Cave Creek, Arizona. She started golf at the age of 6 and to this day loves to play daily when possible. Katie has been a member of the LPGA*USGA Girls Golf of Phoenix since 2011 and takes private and group lessons with LPGA Professional, Kathy Knadler. She has created tons of friends through golf and always enjoys interacting with others in a group setting. She competes in many other Junior Golf Programs including: Junior Golf Association of Arizona, U.S. Kids (Phoenix & Tucson Tours), Southwest Section PGA and will participate in Rocky Mountain Junior Golf Tour and Hurricane Junior Golf Tour in 2016.

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