We All Need Rangefinders by Kayla Guru (eLeader)

We all need rangefinders. We all need a compass of sorts that we can rely on, that will help us when we’re indecisive, overwhelmed, and delirious from a day in the sun. To not only lead us towards our goals, but to help us make the right decisions on how to get there. From loft, to backswing, to club choice, there are a multitude of decisions to make and we invariably desire help from the very beginning. From the time when all that matters is learning the basics to the time when making the next cut is all that matters, every comment carries so much worth and inspires unique ideas in the golfer. It’s almost like a personalized gift delivered to you when you need it most!

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September eLeader of the Month: Marin Pena – Champion of Girls Golf

Marin has been a member of the Girls Golf of Greater Washington D.C. since its foundation in 2013. As an eLeader, she has served as an Assistant Coach, where she likes being a role model to for the younger girls and helping them learn about golf. One of her favorite games she likes to play with the girls is “What’s in the Bag” that helps them learn about what they should carry in their golf bags.

Katie Blodgett, Site Director of LPGA-USGA Girls Golf of Greater Washington DC, said, “Marin has been a great role model for the younger girls in the program. They all look up to up to her and love having her lead activities. I have enjoyed watching her grow into a great leader for our programs.”

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eLeader at the LPGA*USGA Girls Golf Academy

by Catherine Solis

During the three days I spent at the LPGA USGA Girls Golf Academy as an eLeader, I truly did learn a lot.  I learned how to let my true, outgoing personality shine while leading a group of young, fun, ambitious girls to become better golfers and human beings.  When the camp first started, I found myself being more quiet than I usually am, but as the day progressed I began open up.  At times throughout the event, I would go over and talk to the little girl who was standing alone and bring her into the crowd in hopes that she would make a new friend and feel more comfortable.

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My Experience as an eLeader

by Caroline Rea (Pinehurst LPGA Girls Golf Chapter)

I really enjoyed my time as an eLeader at the LPGA Girls Golf Academy this past week. In the end I think I learned more than the participants did!

The first of my favorite experiences was that I got to meet people from all around the U.S. who shared my love for golf. These people were other eLeaders my age, very inspiring coaches, and Nancy Lopez!!!

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Wynne Aldrich: Girls Golf Rockstar and eLeader of the Month!

eLeader of the month, Wynne Aldrich, has been a member of Girl Golf of Valparaiso since she was just 6 years-old.  Now, at age 13, Wynne is enthusiastic about having the opportunity to give back to her local chapter!

Wynne is very active as an eLeader, having volunteered 9 hours since the program launched.  She loves teaching the girls and has helped at every event so far this year!

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