Learning, Leading and Loving Golf –The Kelleys make it a Family Affair

Brooke (age 16) and Alyssa (age 13) Kelley joined their local LPGA*USGA Girls Golf program in Harrisonburg, VA just five years ago. During their first year as Girls Golf members, the family decided to take a gamble and make the trip to Kiawah Island, South Carolina to attend the inaugural LPGA*USGA Girls Golf Academy. Not knowing what to expect as a novice golf family, the girls quickly became star students, earning praise from coaches and staff members for their attitude, passion and new-found love for golf.  That year marked the first in a new Kelley family summer tradition in which they’ve made a trip to participate in the national Girls Golf Academy (wherever it was hosted across the country) every single year! Continue reading

eLeader at the LPGA*USGA Girls Golf Academy

by Catherine Solis

During the three days I spent at the LPGA USGA Girls Golf Academy as an eLeader, I truly did learn a lot.  I learned how to let my true, outgoing personality shine while leading a group of young, fun, ambitious girls to become better golfers and human beings.  When the camp first started, I found myself being more quiet than I usually am, but as the day progressed I began open up.  At times throughout the event, I would go over and talk to the little girl who was standing alone and bring her into the crowd in hopes that she would make a new friend and feel more comfortable.

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